Coaching Contacts

High School Athletic Teams

Fall Athletic Coaches

Girls Varsity SoccerHead Coach Allison LeBel (1st Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Ashley Springett (1st Year) ([email protected])

Boys Varsity SoccerHead Coach Bryan Lee (7th Year) MCSAO Coach of the Year 2019, Salem Academy Boys Soccer All-Times Wins leader Career Record 63-33-20 ([email protected]) Goalie Coach Qasim El-Ashkar ’19, Assistant Coach Ryan LeClare ’20 Volunteer Assistant Coach Brian Rodriguez ’15 (1st Year) ([email protected])

Girls Varsity VolleyballHead Coaches Sarah Mullarkey (1st Year) ([email protected]) Devyn Ryan (1st Year) ([email protected])

Girls JV Volleyball–  Head Coach Carolina Soto ’19 ([email protected])

Flag FootballHead Coach Ross Tetzloff  Career Record 31-13 (4th Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Nick Ferreras (1st Year) ([email protected])

Varsity Boys Cross CountryHead Coach Diego Fellows (2nd Year) ([email protected])

Varsity Girls Cross CountryHead Coach Karen Kilner (1st Year) ([email protected])

Winter Athletic Coaches

Varsity Girls BasketballHead Coach Tony Gallo (3rd Year) Career Record 25-23 ([email protected])

Varsity Boys BasketballHead Coach Ben Petrides (7th Year) Career Record 53-76 MCSAO Coach of the Year 2018 ([email protected])

JV Girls Basketball- Head Coach Meaghan Fitzgerald (2nd Year) ([email protected])

JV Boys BasketballHead Coach Mark Lee (2nd Year) ([email protected])

Varsity CheerleadingHead Coach TBD

Varsity Dance TeamHead Coach TBD

Ski and Snowboard ClubNot running 2020-2021

Spring Athletic Coaches

Varsity Girls Track and Field– Bryan Lee (6th Year) (b[email protected]) Assistant Coach Mark Green (2nd Year)

Varsity Boys Track and Field– Bryan Lee (6th Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Mark Green (2nd Year)

Varsity Softball– Head Coach Mark Lee (3rd Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Meaghan Fitzgerald (2nd Year ) ([email protected])

JV Softball– Not running 2020-2021

Varsity BaseballHead Coach Paul Williams (1st Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Danny Kelly (1st Year) Assistant Coach Freddie Popken (1st Year)

Varsity Boys VolleyballTBD


Middle School Athletic Teams 

Fall Athletic Coaches

Middle School SoccerNot running 2020-2021

Middle School Cross CountryMark Green (1st Year) ([email protected])

Winter Athletic Coaches

Middle School Girls Basketball– Head Coach Allison LeBel (1st Year) ([email protected])

Middle School Boys BasketballHead Coach Nick Ferreras (2nd Year) Career Record 4-8 ([email protected])

Ski and Snowboard ClubNot running in 2020-2021

Spring Athletic Coaches

Middle School Track and FieldHead Coach Mark Green (2nd Year) ([email protected])

Middle School Futsal– Not running 2020-2021

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