Coaching Contacts

High School Athletic Teams

Fall Athletic Coaches

Girls Varsity SoccerHead Coach Darren Benedick (1st Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Katie Darmody ’18(1st Year)

Boys Varsity SoccerHead Coach Bryan Lee (9th Year) MCSAO Coach of the Year 2019 and 2020 Salem Academy Boys Soccer All-Times Wins leader Career Record 80-41-21 ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Aidan Lane ’17 (1st Year) ([email protected])

Girls Varsity VolleyballHead Coach John Gehan (1st Year) ([email protected])

Girls JV Volleyball–  Head Coach Thalia Urena  (1st Year) ([email protected])

Flag FootballHead Coach Ross Tetzloff  Career Record 52-14 (5th Year) MCSAO Coach of the Year 2020 ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Nick Ferreras (2nd Year) ([email protected])

Varsity Boys Cross CountryHead Coach TBD

Varsity Girls Cross CountryHead Coach TBD

Winter Athletic Coaches

Varsity Girls BasketballHead Coach Meaghan Fitzgerald Career Record 16-9 (3rd Year) ([email protected])

Varsity Boys BasketballHead Coach Ben Petrides (7th Year) Career Record 53-76 MCSAO Coach of the Year 2018 ([email protected])

JV Girls Basketball- Head Coach Steph Vasquez (2nd year) ([email protected])

JV Boys BasketballHead Coach Mark Lee (3nd Year) ([email protected])

Varsity CheerleadingHead Coach Jenna Williams (1st Year) ([email protected])

Varsity Dance TeamHead Coach Ashley Springett ([email protected])

Ski and Snowboard ClubTBD

Spring Athletic Coaches

Varsity Girls Track and Field– TBD

Varsity Boys Track and Field–  TBD

Varsity Softball– Head Coach Mark Lee Career Record 27-13 (4th Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Meaghan Fitzgerald (2nd Year ) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Kaila Walters ’16

JV Softball– Head Coach Katelyn Stolberg (1st Year) ([email protected]) Assistant Coach Kaila Walters ’16

Varsity BaseballHead Coach Mike Barbati (1st Year)  Assistant Coach Jeremy Polonia (1st Year) Assistant Coach/Head JV Coach Nick Ferreras (1st Year)

Varsity Boys Volleyball– No Team 2022


Middle School Athletic Teams 

Fall Athletic Coaches

Middle School Soccer– Head Coach Nathaniel Lilly (1st Year)

Middle School Cross Country Head Coach Cara Kennedy (2nd Year) ([email protected])

Winter Athletic Coaches

Middle School Girls Basketball– Head Coach Aidan Lane’17 ([email protected])

Middle School Boys BasketballHead Coach Nick Ferreras (3rd Year) Career Record 4-8 ([email protected])

Ski and Snowboard ClubTBD

Spring Athletic Coaches

Middle School Track and Field– Lincoln Kiargu 1st Year ([email protected])

Middle School Flag Football– Ross Tetzloff 2nd Year ([email protected])