Mission Statement:

Salem Academy Charter School is a small 6th – 12th grade public school designed to educate the City of Salem’s diverse student population. Through a unique integration of college preparatory classes with service to the community, the school graduates informed, articulate and proactive individuals of strong character.

Enroll Now OnlineSalem Academy Charter School opened its doors to sixth and seventh graders in September 2004 with the promise to serve the diverse population of Salem. Through a unique integration of college preparatory classes with service to the community, Salem Academy’s mission is to graduate informed, articulate, and proactive individuals of strong character. Today, Salem Academy has over 400 students in grades six through twelve.

Salem Academy believes that every student is capable of success when held to high expectations and provided with structure and consistency. The school community is based on mutual respect and thoughtful relationships, and students are encouraged to pursue school norms defined as REACH – Responsible, Empathetic, Assertive, Cooperative, Honest. Salem Academy is located in Shetland Park at 45 Congress Street, a waterfront complex flanked on one side by the residential Point Neighborhood and on the other side by the attractions of Pickering Wharf.

Students of Salem Academy are from Salem and its surrounding communities. An extended day attracts students for an early morning breakfast followed at 8:30 a.m. by a full schedule of academic classes and enrichment programs until 4:00 p.m. and then after school tutoring, activities, and athletics. An extended school year, from late August to the end of June, allows Salem Academy students to master a wide range of academic skills and to become immersed in community service projects that give real life meaning to their academic work as well as help them to develop a sense of civic responsibility.

Salem Academy welcomes parents and guardians as partners in the educational process by providing daily access to the school’s web-based information management system and following their children’s progress as well as confer with teachers regularly. Salem Academy is governed by an independent Board of Trustees and is held accountable by the Massachusetts Department of Education. With a track record of impressive growth, demonstrated success, high MCAS scores, and financial viability, Salem Academy is pleased to have become a school of choice in Salem.