Board of Trustees

The Salem Academy Board of Trustees is the legal governing body of the school. The Board is held accountable to the public and ensures that the school’s academic program is successful, that the school is faithful to the terms of its charter, and that it is organizationally viable. With these ends in mind, the Board is responsible for determining the school’s mission and vision; managing its property and assets; recruiting, supporting, and evaluating the Executive Director, continually developing the Board, setting effective policies, and ensuring the school’s legal compliance and fiscal health.

Alison Palmer
Member, Development Committee, Alumni Advisory
Christine Wynne
Chair, Development Committee
Daniel V McCaughey
Chair, Education Committee
David Pabich
Chair, Board of Trustees, Chair, Facilities Committee
Edward Aroko
Member, Development Committee, Alumni Advisory
Mekka Smith
Secretary, Board of Trustees; Member, Education Committe; Advocacy Advisory
Richard Jones
Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees, Chair, Governance Committee
Rick Winter
Chair, HR Committee; Member, Finance Committee
Shelby Morrison
Treasurer, Board of Trustees; Finance Committee
Susan Low
Member, Education Committee
W. Stevenson Palmer
Member of the Facilities Committee, Former Board Chair
William Henning
Member, Development Committee, Alumni Advisory
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