Faculty & Staff


Stephanie Callahan
Executive Director
William Carter Jr.
Lower School Principal
Chyna Onembo
Dean of Students
Linda St. Pierre
Special Education Director
Kristine Sgambellone
Director of Operations & HR
Rebecca Alfredson
Academic Operations Coordinator
Susana Sinclair
Dean of Teacher Development and Academic Success
Drew Betts
Athletic Director
Diego Fellows
Development & Communications Manager
Katherine Harvey, M.S.N, R.N.
Leni De los Santos
Special Projects Coordinator


Alex Dean
Mathematics Teacher, Upper School – Curriculum Team Leader
Alexis Lambert
Special Education Teacher, 7th Grade
Allison LeBel
Special Education Teacher, 8th Grade
Ana Brea
Spanish Teacher, Upper School – Curriculum Team Leader
Anna Kogos
ELL Director
Ari Metaxatos
Special Education Paraprofessional
Arlene Garcia
Receptionist and Administrative Assistant
Ashley Springett
Dance & Fitness Teacher
Ashley Worthington
College Counselor
Benjamin Petrides
English Teacher, 7th Grade
Brendan Douglass
Special Education Paraprofessional and College Transition Counselor
Brian Cutler
Spanish Teacher, Upper School – Form Leader
Bryan Lee
Health and PE Teacher
Cami Hennekens
Science & Chemistry Teacher Upper School, Curriculum Team Leader
Cara Kennedy
Mathematics Teacher, Upper School
Christine Titus
Special Education Teacher, Upper School
Christopher Beaver
Special Education Teacher, Upper School
Denise Granniss
English Teacher, Upper School
Elizabeth Murphy
Reading Specialist, Title I Director and 504 Coordinator
Erica Klag
Director of Food Services
Fallon Burke
Executive Assistant
Haley Hewson
English Teacher, 8th Grade
Hannah Fortin
Science Teacher, 6th Grade
Jamie Mahoney
Science Teacher, 7th Grade
Jessica Smith
Special Education Paraprofessional
Kimberly Luck
History Teacher, Upper School
Kristina Ploof
History Teacher, Upper School
Laura Pollock
History Teacher, Upper School
Lauren Rossi
Spanish Teacher, Lower School
Lincoln Kiragu
ELL Teacher, Lower School
Lisa Wallace
English Teacher, 6th Grade
Madison Ferrara
School Nurse
Magnolia Acosta
Receptionst and Admissions Coordinator
Mark Green
Mathematics Teacher, 7th Grade
Matt Hanlon
Science Teacher, 8th Grade
Meaghan Fitzgerald
Health P/E Teacher
Megan Bowen
Technology Integration Specialist and Teacher
Meghann Peterson
English Teacher, Upper School – Curriculum Team Leader
Melissa Lassen
College Counselor, Form Leader
Michelle Elkerton
English Teacher, Upper School
Mira Bookman
Science Teacher, Upper School
Nick Ferreras
Substitute Coordinator, Permanent Substitute
Nicole Rodriguez
ELD Paraprofessional
Priscilla Chancy
Special Education Teacher, Upper School
Rebecca Bruno
History Teacher, 6th Grade – Form Leader
Robert Pelletier
History Teacher, Upper School – Curriculum Team Leader
Roosevelt Brown
Mathematics Teacher, Upper School
Ross Tetzloff
English Teacher, 9th Grade
Samantha Wilson
Mathematics Teacher, 6th Grade
Sarah Dionne
Special Education Paraprofessional
Sarah Roy
11th & 12th Grade Counselor, Adjustment Counselor Team Leader, Homeless Liaison & Foster Care Point of Contact
Tabatha Frawkins
Science Teacher, Upper School
Taylor Salvatore
History Teacher, 7th Grade
Vanessa Wells
Adjustment Counselor, Grades 9 & 10
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