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Salem Academy is committed to maintaining its strong tradition of excellence in teaching. We aim to create a welcoming environment to not only students and parents but also our faculty and staff.

The school year begins at the end of August and runs through June of the following year. During a traditional school day there are generous opportunities to engage with students inside and outside of the classroom during our Service Learning days, extracurriculars, field trips and coaching opportunities.

Salem Academy Charter School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, pregnant or parenting status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, homelessness, socioeconomic status, academic status, mental, physical, developmental or sensory disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in English language or foreign language, or any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law in any aspect of the access to, admission, or treatment of students in its programs and activities, or in employment and application for employment. Furthermore, Salem Academy’s policy includes prohibitions of harassment of students and employees, i.e., racial harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination.

If you click on a job posting, you will be directed to School Spring. If you are interested in substitute teaching, please email Stephanie Callahan directly at [email protected].

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