Strategic Plan


SACS has five goals around which the school community will align in the coming five years. Student success is at the center of each, and in turn, these goals address the most critical forces influencing student growth, progress, wellness, opportunity and advancement toward success in college, career and life.


Salem Academy Charter School envisions equitable access for all learners to an education that inspires community engagement, supports college and career success in a diverse society, and nurtures personal well-being​.


Salem Academy Charter School ​is a small 6th through 12th grade public school designed to educate the City of Salem’s diverse population. Through a unique integration of college preparatory classes with service to the community, the school graduates informed, articulate and proactive individuals of strong character.


  • Engagement with the whole student: fostering the development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual lives of students. Developing a caring community as a key element of school culture that supports faculty, students and staff and works with parents for the benefit of all students
  • Diversity: recognizing the importance of understanding issues of diversity and inclusion and celebrating the diversity within the SACS community as key in preparing students to be global citizens
  • Equity: building an inclusive and equitable community where each individual is valued; where student voice is encouraged and proactive responses to issues that arise are affirmed
  • Academic Rigor: holding high expectations of all students and inspiring them to see themselves as capable learners, willing to risk taking a challenge and able to apply what they know in their civic role through service learning
  • Empowerment: encouraging proactive thinking, independent voice, and student ownership of learning