Our Charter

What is a Charter School?

Massachusetts Commonwealth Charter Schools are independently managed public schools that operate under a five-year charter granted by the Massachusetts Board of Education. Parents, teachers, non-profit organizations, community leaders, or others may start one of these schools. Charter schools have the freedom to organize around a core mission, curriculum, theme, or teaching method, and are allowed to control their own budgets and hire (and fire) teachers and staff. In return for this freedom, a charter school must demonstrate strong academic results within five years or their charter will not be renewed.

Salem Academy Charter School is a member of the Massachusetts Charter Public School Association (“MCPSA”). For more information about MCPSA, please click on this link: MassCharterSchool.Org

Salem Academy Charter School Charter Renewal 2014

Salem Academy Charter School Summary of Review January 2014

Salem Academy Charter School Renewal Letter January 31, 2014

Salem Academy Charter School Renewal Inspection Report November 23, 2013

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