Connections is the first place your child will go in the morning upon arrival at Salem Academy. In other schools this might have been called “Home Room”. During the Connections time your child is provided with a daily opportunity for teachers to begin to establish trusting relationship with your child, while exploring issues related to social attitudes and behavior. This provides daily structure for students and a sense of belonging in the school community.

Salem Academy supports the belief that all students benefit from strong ties to their schools and positive, caring adult role models in addition to those provided in the family. The Connections class includes structured activities to establish and explore school norms and to investigate themes related to civics within and outside of the school. It also allows for time to discuss pertinent issues relating to individuals, the school, or the community. Connections is intended to be student run, though in First Form (6th grade) teachers model facilitation skills so that students can learn how to take on increasing levels of responsibility over time. In addition, this time period is used for Community Meetings once each week.

Salem Academy’s SFC (School Family Community) Team organizes Connections Class Parents. This parent representative has volunteered to assist as a liasion between the school and the students’ family. Communication will typically take the form of a phone or email to inform families of upcoming events at the school.

We will be looking for parent volunteers for the 2014-2015 school year to servce as Connections Class Parents. If you are interested, please contact the school, or an SFC member for additional information.


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