Holiday Calendar Raffle


Thank you for supporting the 2021 Holiday Calendar Raffle. We have some great new prizes this year featuring multiple gift cards, a massage, and a large cash prize!

100% of proceeds from ticket sales will go directly into Salem Academy students’ accounts. Students can then use these funds to pay for things like field trips and other special events happening throughout the year!

All Salem Academy students will be selling tickets for $10 a piece.

Calendar drawings will begin on Dec. 1. We’ll draw one ticket for each day of the month and place that ticket back in the pool for the chance to win again!

Good luck and thank you for supporting Salem Academy and our students!

Click here for a PDF of the Prize Calendar

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Day 1: Day 8: Day 15: Day 22: Day 29:
Day 2: Day 9: Day 16: Day 23: Day 30:
Day 3: Day 10: Day 17: Day 24: Day 31:
Day 4: Day 11: Day 18: Day 25:
Day 5: Day 12: Day 19: Day 26:
Day 6: Day 13: Day 20: Day 27:
Day 7: Day 14: Day 21: Day 28:


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