Family Communication

The best way that schools and families can support students is to communicate! Salem Academy creates opportunities for information to be exchanged between home and school in a number of ways:
* A weekly “Friday Folder” containing notices, forms, reports and the weekly newsletter.
* A weekly newsletter with articles pertaining to the academic and social life of the school.
* School Family Community Team (“SFC Team”), which is Salem Academy’s parent organization.
* Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences held each trimester.
* Personal, automated phone calls and mass e-mailings.
* Veracross, an information management system, which provides parents/guardians access to up-to-date information on their child’s academic assignments, schedules and academic performance.


News for Salem Academy Families

The city of Salem has been awarded A $100k grant with the goal to reduce unemployment and poverty in the Point Neighborhood.

North Shore CDC will be offering two FREE programs starting in the fall:

1. English language classes that are geared towards helping non-English speakers gain employment

2. Small business and counseling classes IN SPANISH.

If you or your organization have contacts that you think will benefit from these program, please fill out the referral form or contact Andrea’ Rhoades, [email protected], #(978)-825-4013.

North Shore CDC Working Cities Referral Form
Una subvención de $ 100 mil dólares han concedido a Salem por la Reserva Federal de Boston. La ciudad y un número de socios están estudiando estrategias para reducir el desempleo y la pobreza en el Barrio del Punto.

Dos programas gratuitos se ofrecerán en el otoño

1. Clases de Inglés que están para ayudar a personas que no hablan inglés y obtener empleo

2. Clases de la pequeña empresa y el espíritu empresarial de lengua española.


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