Coronavirus FAQ's

Here are the answers to the questions you raised:
If Salem Public Schools are closed, are we closed?
  • Not necessarily – it depends on exposure to COVID-19.  We will continue to make decisions based on consulting with the Department of Health and knowledge of exposure or diagnosis within our community.
How will we know if school is closed?
  • The same way we communicate snow days: on the website, via onecall, and on TV.  Be sure to look for Salem Academy on TV and not rely on Salem Public closings.
If we miss over a week, will we still have April break?
  • At this point, we have not made any decisions about April break, but will keep you updated if we miss a significant amount of time.
Will spring events (graduation, prom, etc) or spring sports be cancelled or changed?
  • At this time, no changes have been made to events.  We will update you as soon as possible if any shifts are planned.
  • For spring sports, the start of the season is currently planned for March 30th.  We will update you if there are additional changes.
Seniors: For service learning, will we have other days available to serve?
  • Yes, we will organize an additional day for you to use to complete hours.
For dual-enrollment courses: Keep Ms. Jacobs, Ms. Alfredson, and Ms. Lassen updated on the info you receive from SSU or NSCC.  We will continue to help problem solve to ensure you are able to finish your courses.
Help us stay safe – if you have any family members that have come in contact with a known risk, please let Ms. Harvey or Ms. Egmont know right away.  If you have any additional concerns, our staff is available to help.